And they’re playing extra-time in Athens…

First published back in February, but still pretty relevant!

Apart from swapping from Blogger to WordPress and several other bits and pieces on my proverbial plate, my mind has not being fully on the General Election here. One reason is it seems pretty small beer compared to the financial crisis in Greece. Although the worst seems to have been averted, there are no guarantees that the crisis has ended or won’t spread further across the Eurozone. Of course, what goes on economically in Euroland has no relevance to what happens here, does it?

Will get back to the General Election tomorrow.

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  1. Although the Greek crisis is interesting what of other parts of the world. There’s been a revolution in Kyrgystan and Thailand may be either on the brink of a revolution or a Tiananmen style massacre/crackdown by the government.
    Re Greece – let’s campaign for a return of the drachma.

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