When you cannot vote for the impossible…

…you are merely left voting for the improbable, as Sherlock Holmes almost said.

With no serious Left candidate standing in Hampstead and Kilburn (and I would have had no qualms voting for the Trade Union and Socialist Alliance …here’s to Dave Nellist causing a shock in Coventry North-East!), a Green candidate I cannot vote for and no candidate from a worthwhile democratic, radical perspective standing, such as someone from the Pirate or Liberal (not the Lib Dems) Parties, I have had a serious think.

Dave Nellist- not to be confused with another Dave…

UKIP are standing here, and I  have no quarrel with their central policy of pulling out the anti-democratic big business-dominated EU. However, their combination of  nostalgia for the 1950s with an embrace of Thatcherite turbo-capitalism does not appeal to me one iota. The fact that Thatcherite economics brought about the undermining of the societal norms which most UKIPers want back seems to have passed them by.  It also seems UKIP would have no qualms about being subordinate to the US, which hardly comes across to me as defending national independence. Surely there is no need to have a foreign policy based on still apologising for the War of Independence and thanking the US for its help in World War Two, is there? Moreover, their candidate here, Magnus Nielsen hardly wowed them in a recent debate. (For coverage of another debate in Hampstead and Kilburn, try here.)

If I’m not voting UKIP, there is no way I’m voting BNP. To quote the words of Peter Hitchens (no Leftie he!), they are an  ‘unpleasant, bigoted, race-obsessed rabble’.  I do have a leaflet from Victoria Moore, the BNP candidate here, which has no details about her, but does have a Nuneaton PO Box number (with a picture of Nick Griffin next to Winston Churchill- analogies comparing farts to hurricanes come to mind…) A recent account of why people vote BNP can be found here and  a Leftish summary of their manifesto can be found here.

Tamsin (right) and friends.

There are two other fringe candidates, Gene Alcantara and Tamsin Omond. Mr A seems a decent enough bloke from his literature, but it would probably help his vote if he lived in the constituency. Ms O does live here, but that’s about it really!

So I am left with the Big Three in a three-way marginal. When it comes down to the wire, I simply do not think I could vote Conservative. Maybe if it was someone who was an independently minded Conservative, I could just about consider them, but Chris Philp seems like a chip off the old Cameron block. The best I can say is that he hasn’t charged me for his literature.

Glenda Jackson supports the Digital Media Bill, sent me stuff about her trying to save Post Offices after I wrote to her about the Lisbon Treaty and does not have a good reputation for being a Parliamentarian, to say the least.

So after much umming and arring I have decided to vote Lib Dem. I do not have a high opinion of their attitude to the EU, to say the very least. However,  neither Labour nor Conservatives covered themselves with any glory over the Lisbon Treaty, and Nick Clegg never gave us  ‘cast-iron guarantees’ about a referendum on the Treaty, did he? I think the Lib Dems are the best of the three on civil liberties, the war in Afghanistan and getting rid of Trident. They might also introduce (at long last!) Proportional Representation, as it is absoutely outrageous that a party with less than 40% of the vote can win an overall majority in the Commons. It would almost certainly mean coalitions, rather than ‘strong government’, but unless you get a majority of the vote, what right has anyone to make their policies law regardless of what others think? There is no reason why PR should leave us like economic basket cases [sic] such as Germany, Denmark, Holland, Norway or Sweden either.  If PR leads to the disintegration of the two-party system, all I can say is good riddance! How can we claim to be a plural society if there is no representative plurality of opinions in Parliament?

So Lib Dem it is. I hope this is a one-off and next General Election I can vote for a Leftie/Libertarian/EU-Critical political party in an electoral system where my vote counts every time, and not simply because I just happen to live in a three-way marginal.


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  1. Hurrah! Enjoyed reading the narrative of elimination before you made your choice, like a whodunnit, or who couldn’t do it.

  2. Dave Nellist’s party (the Socialy Party) is taking on Green’s all over the country. As far as I can tell they aren’t standing in Brighton Pavillion against Caroline Lucas but in Lewisham Deptford they have formed a hard left group which could potentially wipe out our councillors and damage our chances of getting a mayor and MP. His party divides the left in a typical Trotskyite manner.

    • It could also be argued that the Greens are dividing the Left/Anti-Tory vote.

  3. what type of PR do you support?
    A Lib-Dem/Lab coalition government would have got us into the euro and we would be in Greece’s shoes…

    • The German system (which we imposed on them after 1945) seems a pretty good one, as it has a constituency link.

      Why would a Lab/Lib Dem coalition have got us into the euro? Surely they could not have reneged their way out a promise to have a referendum. Denmark and Sweden said no- why couldn’t we, if people here do not want it? Or don’t you trust the people? Furthermore, in a PR system where all votes (and not just some in marginal constituencies) count people would feel less need to support parties that betrayed their promises.

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