Election morning post…

I tell myself I should have posted more, but once I had decided who to vote for, the enthusiasm went! I just wanted to get on with things- it’s a bit like revising for an exam…

Off down the polling station soon, so just one or two things you may want to have a gander at.

If I was over in Call Me Dave’s constituency of Witney I would vote for the Wessex Regionalists. There was a piece about them in The Guardian a day or two ago.

The West Will Rise Again!

I have read some impressive stuff in the last few weeks, with some pretty poor raw material to go with, but I think Splintered Sunrise’s guided tour of all the Northern Ireland constituencies was possibly the best of the lot. Considering Call Me Dave could well try and call on the support of MPs across the water to push through his programme, the electoral contests in Norhern Ireland are a bit more than academic exercises, although Splinty’s guide would make a good basis for anyone trying to write a piece on politics over there.

The Cons have (re)made an alliance with the Ulster Unionists under the gripping full title of Ulster Conservatives and Unionists- New Force aka UCUNF. Amongst its candidates is ‘Flash’ Harry Hamilton in Upper Bann, otherwise known as Northern Ireland’s leading Freddie Mercury impressionist.

Anyone know the words to ‘The Tash My Father Wore’?

Of course, however much I do not want the Tories back in power, they are a stroll in the park compared to the BNP. They have been up to some nasty stuff in the last couple of days and the owner of their website has gone and upped sticks. Along with Nick Griffin’s former protege Mark Collett being suspended at the start of the campaign for allegedly trying to overthrow Griffin and threatening to kill the BNP leader it takes a heart of stone not to laugh at our would-be national saviours.

Anyway,  must go and do my duty…


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