Almost all over…

36% or so? It’s pathetic. More changeling than change!

Not all the results are in. However, I am very glad that Caroline Lucas became the first Green MP in British history and Nick Griffiin did not come close to being the BNP’s first MP.

On the downside, I’m really miffed Dave Nellist lost his deposit in Coventry. He would make a grand MP wherever he was based. However, it seems Respect have lost the three seats they wanted, so the  British Left might get the chance of getting somewhere without the deadhand of Bolshevism-Gallowayism.

Nearer to home,  Labour held onto Hampstead and Kilburn, albeit by 42 votes. The Cons almost sneaked in, with the Lib Dems in third place just 1.6% behind Labour.  So the westside of Camden did not see the collapse of the two-party system.

Nor did anywhere else, to be honest, despite the media hype prior to the vote. One day the two-party system will truly break apart during a General Election campaign. However, this time around, I think it did not happen due to the Anti-Tory Vote  entering the fray once again in the last week. Up until then  it seemed we would have a hung Parliament in which the three main parties would be in close distance of each other vote-wise. In other words,  a bit like the Hampstead and Kilburn result. However,  after the final Leaders TV debate,  where the general opinion was Call Me Dave had done well and  opinion polls afterwards suggested the Tories may get an overall majority, the Anti-Tory Vote got to work. This was in spite of  severe misgivings about Brown and major doubts about Clegg.  The Anti-Tory Vote is in many ways a generational phenomenon, largely based upon collective memories  of  the times in the 1980s when there was roughly 30% support in the polls  for both Labour and  the Alliance (Lib Dems as then was). This  split in the anti-Tory vote meant the Tories got back into power needing just 40% of the vote. Seeing both Lab and Lib Dems in the opinion polls last weekend at around 30%,  with the Cons on 35% and no sign of their vote softening,  I think led to the Anti-Tory Vote doing its best to stop the Cons gettng back into power with an overall majority. The tactic appears to have succeeded. Where this leads to…we shall see.

BTW, I’ve got the first pictures of News International reacting to their man Call Me Dave not getting any overall majority…

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