So It Goes…The Libservatives!

The Cons are back, in coalition with the Lib Dems. Of course, it could have been much worse. An overall Conservative majority for starters. If a Labour-Lib Dem coalition had been cobbled together, backed by others, it would have had true car crash potential, a ‘coalition of losers’ which would have come under daily attack in the Thatcherite papers. Though, after this one, let’s not be too intimidated by Murdoch and Co, eh?

Instead we have another ‘coalition of losers’ in charge now.  I think the frenetic talks between the main parties leaders and speculation since Friday about what Government would emerge are in large part an attempt by the big three parties’ leaderships to prevent angry internal debates going public into why, in their different ways, all three failed. Labour with the fall in votes and seats; the Lib Dems with having less seats and a similar share of the vote, despite ‘Cleggmania’; and the Cons not getting an overall majority and just 36% of the vote.

I have no geat hopes for this new ‘National Government-lite’.  Getting rid of ID cards would be a good thing. As for Electoral Reform, the Alternative Vote would be an improvement on what we have now.  I’m surprised the Tories are so against AV, as it was the way Boris Johnson became London Mayor two years ago. (BTW, the Labour vote held up well in London. Anything to do with Boris being Mayor, is it? ) If the Lib Dems cannot get AV, they’ll get hammered in the next General Election, unless we get an economic miracle… Andy Beckett quoted today a recent piece in the FT (I cannot find a link on The Guardian website- a very interesting article: ‘Into the great unknown’):

to reduce the deficit at a rate acceptable to Britain’s creditors “would require all of the following: a 5% cut in public sector pay; freezing benefits…means-testing child benefit; abolishing winter fuel payments…reducing prison numbers by a quarter; axing the two planned aircraft carriers; withdrawing free bus passes for pensioners…halving roads maintenance; stopping school building…and cutting funding to Scotland and Wales by 10%.”‘

Perhaps Labour are best out of it!

With Gordon Brown stepping down as Labour leader, there will be a leadership contest. I think the names that have been suggested so far are very much of a Brownite/Blairite muchness, except for John McDonnell and Jon Cruddas. The only prediction I will make is no candidate will want to be endorsed by the Murdoch Press!

Looking through the lists of  constituency results in the last few days, I am struck how extremely badly the Far Left outside of Labour did. Respect did not win any of the three seats they hoped to win, and Gorgeous George did not even bother turning up to the count at Poplar & Limehouse. Perhaps he has Hollywood on his mind.

‘Hey pal, I’ve got my own Cuban cigars for the Castro bio-pic. What was the name of the other guy you wanted me to play then?’

The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition did badly, with even Dave Nellist losing his deposit.  The Scottish Socialist Party are now a long, long way from getting six MSPs like they did in 2003. Tommy Sheridan is now that bloke off  Celebrity Big Brother with the tan. The SLP, CPB, WRP and others made no impression. It seems to me  that unless there is a big rethink in terms of policies and  strategy and even ideology (as Arthur Scargill said when the SLP were getting somewhere in the mid-90s: ‘Who cares what one dead Russian said to another dead Russian?’ Mind you, he was the bloke who told a public meeting in Newport in September ’97 that he would not mind a one-party state, ‘as long as it was my Party!’ No wonder the SLP remained ‘Scargill’s Little Party’.) there is really no electoral future for the Far Left outside of the Labour Left and Green Party. However, I see no real cause for hope.  I guess the SWP will be trying to recruit freshers on the campuses come Autumn, but I can’t see how meetings about how great Trotsky was will be more exciting to the politically conscious undergrad than the politics of file sharing  or fighting to change the electoral system.

I definitely think some people need to have a long summer break and start afresh again!


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