Trotskyism Meets ‘Jackass’

‘There’s  no business like show business, there’s no business I know…’

After their stellar performances in the recent General Election, Saturday saw the SWP gatecrash the talks between British Airways and Unite at ACAS, which led to the talks being scuppered. Plus it got them on the TV news. Opinions on the SWP’s Finest Hour can be found here, here, here and here. Obviously, glorified publicity stunts are somewhat easier than trying to get people to vote for you.

However, the big question is: did they manage to flog a copy of Socialist Worker to BA CEO Willie Walsh?

‘Would you like a copy, comrade? Solidarity price £1!’ ‘Well, Trotsky’s advocacy of the militarisation of labour and shooting down opponents like partridges appeals to me, but…’

I have been convinced for a while now that Cato The Elder’s opinion of Carthage in the Punic Wars should be applied to the SWP, for the health and (any) future of the British Left:

‘SWP delenda est’ =  ‘SWP Must be Destroyed’

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  1. A lively protest outside would have been great. Were they invited to storm the negotiations this by disgruntled striking workers?

    • As far as I can make out the SWP were not contacted by disgruntled striking workers or anyone else of any worth. It was purely an SWP publicity stunt. Another ‘brilliant effort’ to keep them going (and recruit a few more people) until the next ‘event.’

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