Friday Night Links

Some I’ve come across since my last post, some I forgot about (oops!). Anyway, anyway…

Is it that much of  a surprise that the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico is twice what the ‘experts’ originally thought?

Wondered why the Tea Party hasn’t been making much noise about the whole spill thing (as Sarah Palin might say)? Looks like there is a whole lot of oil industry-derived backing for the Tea Partiers to divert them from worthwhile targets (ie the bank bailouts started by Bush, all that money spent on the military) into causes that help the Republican Party and/or Big Business. Having said that, one has to wonder how much a genuine libertarian movement could have emerged from the Tea Partiers, considering some of the attitudes of  its rank-and-file towards war, which as any good anarchist/libertarian knows, is the health of the state.

Obama’s emphasis on the ‘British’ part of BP’s name (BP is about as ‘British’ as ‘British’ Columbia…it is a global transnational corporation, for crying out loud) has caused a lot of Tory harrumphing this side of the pond. Norman Tebbit and Boris Johnson have been flying the flag in particular.

‘You dashed Americans deserve a damn good thrashing…’

Obviously giving Obama some verbal is a bit easier for Boris to do than trying to run London.  The fact Labour’s vote held up well in London at the General Election, with Labour capturing  several borough councils at the same time, suggests that two years after being elected, not that many Londoners are impressed by having a Mayor who is straight out of a P.G. Wodehouse novel.  One wonders if he will tire of it all, when really he would rather be leading the Conservative Party. Further thoughts on the matter here.

Even nearer to home, an overview of how the Lib Dems campaigned in Hampstead and Kilburn at the General Election. Myself, I think they lost it here on the final morning, with a leaflet which landed through the post box which emphasised the pro-Tory, anti-Labour implications of voting Lib Dem. It might have taken a few votes from the Cons, but I should think it drove more Labour waverers to vote Glenda Jackson, rather than Ed Fordham. If they had shut their mouths, we might now have a Lib Dem MP here. Can’t see that happening next time round…especially if they allow Post Office privatisation to happen.

Back in the USA, it should not be assumed, that post-Dubya, Neo-Conservatism is dead. Far from it. While the Neo-Cons  put Iraq behind them, the anti-war ‘Left’ in the US may just be putting their ‘My Obama, Right or Wrong’ phase behind them.

While the Neo-Cons are sometimes seen as the ‘Trotskyists of the Right’ (all that evangelical certitude, ‘correct’ lines and historical inevitability!) someone else I see as a ‘Trot of the Right’ is Ayn Rand (like Leon T, she was a Russian exile who attracted a lot of followers in the West). A serious hatchet job on her can be found here.

Ayn Rand.

Two things in the article really caught my eye.  First, one of Ayn Rand’s celeb followers in Eva Mendes, who says any boyfriend of her ‘has to be an Ayn Rand fan.’ Ah, the consequences of  living by my principles…

Not Ayn Rand.

Second, a quote by Ludwig von Mises about Rand’s Atlas Shrugged:

You have the courage to tell the masses what no politician told them: you are inferior and all the improvements in your conditions which you simply take for granted you owe to the effort of men who are better than you.

Frankly, this is the sort of elitist cobblers I expect from Bolsheviks or various purveyors of the stiff armed salute during the inter-war period, as opposed to a supposed leading ‘Libertarian’ thinker.

If you are waiting for a sequel to Atlas Shrugged, you may have to do with this:

Finally for those of you who think the EU are the Good Guys, you may want a gander at this.

Hope you all have a nice weekend- I’m working!


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  1. Good blogpost, Noel.

    I was so relieved when I learn Glenda had held on with 42 votes. Made you feel is was worth voting. Sorta.

    Glenda had one advantage despite her obvious failings (such as a demented support for PPP and PFI) and that was she was against the Iraq war. Had she not been, we would have had Philp.

    As it is, I now loathe the LibDems with a passion. Ramsay McClegg, the majority of the electorate did NOT vote for what you are enabling the Tories to do. Utterly vile liars and opportunists. Erm, even more than your average politician.

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  3. Too late, but ‘libertarian’ in the US means ‘capitalist but not caring about Christianity’. Sort of like ‘liberal’ means Tory over there but ‘watered-down-socialist’ on this side of the pond.

    The terminology confuses everyone.

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