Is The British Economic Miracle Back?

George Osborne:  ‘I Must Look Stern Not Smug, Stern Not Smug…’

The British economy grew 1.1% in the second quarter of 2010, which surprised all the City of London’s analysts (what is new?). However, that could be it on the economic good news front for the moment, as the Chancellor gets ready to implement his own version of the Shock Doctrine on the country.

‘Oh dash it Nick, trying not to look smug is damned hard work for me!’

In the US, the economic news is not so good. Whether this will lead to anything of worthwhile political consequence is doubtful, even if the worthwhile elements of the Left and Right get their act together. Even then, there is a President more interested in the views of the Punditocracy than those who voted him in, and beyond him there is the alliance of Big Business and the Big State.

I wish I could be more hopeful at the moment, but…

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  1. great post, thank you so much

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