More rotteness in the State of Denmark…?

I guess I should not be surprised any more, but will a police officer ever be prosecuted here for killing an innocent civilian? What about the police concentrating on protecting ordinary people from the lumpenproletariat instead? A good place to find links about the Ian Tomlinson story is here. The views of Madam Miaow and Suzanne Moore are also worth looking at. However, I think the best single commentary on it all comes from Michael Meacher, who points out  that:

There are two groups in Britain who are above the law – the bankers and the police.   Members of both groups have, in very different ways, done immense damage to the economic and social fabric of this country in recent years, and not one has been held to account.

What a surprise to see Attorney General Dominic Grieve, who made such a fuss when the police raided his offices in Westminster in late 2008, supporting the decision by the CPS not to prosecute. One law for the plebs, another for millionaire Parliamentarians perchance? If you think Ian Tomlinson deserves better, you may want to sign this (H-T: HarpyMarx).

Meanwhile, the powers of  the EU’s various police forces in the UK  are about to be increased.

One would think someone somewhere is anticipating some form of civil unrest here in the near future. What could possibly cause that? Perhaps the British Economic Miracle’s return being postponed once again could make some people a bit irate…


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