By way of a PS…

… just a few bits and pieces which I’ve either come across since the weekend and/or I haven’t been able to fit into another post without it looking seriously crowbarred in.

‘A fish rots from the head down’, as the saying goes…

A vehement attack on the Tea Party in the US from a Libertarian perspective here.

An interesting piece on whether or not the BNP are really pro-Israel, or whether it is just a phase or pose for a party which was big into droning on about the ‘International Jewish Conspiracy’ not so long ago, here.

Tony Blair will soon have his own bank…pretty appropriate!

Robin Ramsay, Lobster’s editor, discusses the Bilderberg Group and why it appears to have become more open to us mere Plebs in recent years.

In the recent past I have mentioned the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, negotiations for which have been wrapped in secrecy- a bit Bilderbergish, you could say. An update of sorts on ACTA can be found here. For those of you wondering how it is possible to challenge the corporate Leviathan which sits on so much of  the global media and communications system, this piece by Darian Worden may be of interest.

Finally, for those of you interested in the closely related subjects of writing, publishing and books, you may be interested in these pieces by two (in different ways) established writers: Charlie Brooker and Thomas Woods.

That is it for August, unless something truly dramatic happens. Hopefully, not, with a Bank Holiday weekend coming up, our last one until December 25th! Surely we should get another public holiday or two before then?


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