His Next Post? A Bit Like Waiting For Godot…

‘Then we send him gobbledegook spam comments and all he does is delete them…’

Apologies for the radio silence. In fact, someone who regularly reads and comments here  has asked me in the last few days if I am still blogging…

In fact, I have a fair bit I want to blog about- Tony Blair, Socialism (you don’t often see those two together much these days), the USA, the Economy, the Media, the humble art of writing etc etc but finding the time to actually sit down and concentrate has been strangely hard in recent weeks. I did attempt, despite being pretty knackered, to post something a few days ago, but my prose was leaden and I tried to fit too much in. Consequently, it went very half-finished (although I will take the best bits out and recycle them soon).

Anyway, I will start putting up relatively short, single subject-type posts in the next few days. Definitely over the coming weekend if not before.

Thanks for hanging in there, if you have been waiting around for some new bon mots and ‘well I never!’ factoids from the pits of AngloNoel Towers!

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