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As my  last post sort of indicated, I am not a subscriber to the internet versions of The Times and Sunday Times behind their paywall. In this I seem to have been joined by a lot of other people who do not want to help Rupert Murdoch make yet more money.

Glenn Beck Exposes Rupert Murdoch’s Commie Connections…Not Coming To Fox Soon- Or Ever…

I have known for a long while that Mr Murdoch is in cahoots with the Big Cheeses of the Chinese Communist Party. However, even someone as jaded about his media machinations as me was surprised to hear that News Corporation are funding the North Koreans.

‘North Korea- a family business run by a loveable autocrat who doesn’t like liberal whingers. What’s not to like?’

Currently Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal is in a circulation war with the New York Times. How this will end is anyone’s guess, but it does appear the NYT plans to stop printing a dead tree version in the not too distant future.  Will it merge with The Guardian in the process of becoming an internet-only publication?

It is one of my pet predictions. The Guardian Media Group hopes to make its paper the world’s leading ‘liberal’ publication, which is probably what the NYT sees itself as being. It currently publishes a NYT supplement in The Observer on Sundays.  Furthermore, The Guardian is just as Americanised as virtually the rest of the  British Media Class is (and a good chunk of our Political Class  is as well for good measure). The Guardian has a reputation of being anti-American amongst many on the ‘Right’ both sides of the Atlantic, but it is more anti-Republican and pro-Democrat than anti-US. If the NYT gets into real trouble financially, I can see the GMG making a bid to take it over and become the liberal newspaper operation (whether in print or online) both sides of the pond.

Thinking about this I came across a Richard Gott article from early 2002 about The Guardian:

One characteristic of the paper’s editorial line that outside observers sometimes miss is its unswerving enthusiasm for the US, and here it happily joins forces with Tony Blair. The Guardian has always been an explicitly pro-American paper, from long before the arrival of Rupert Murdoch and Conrad Black. I first joined the paper in the 1960s to write foreign editorials for Alastair Hetherington, and I soon discovered that his favourite political tract was Union Now, a now forgotten bestseller from the 1930s by Clarence Streit, which advocated federal union between the US and Britain.

Hetherington….would have loved to support the Vietnam war, had his staff allowed him to. Hetherington’s famous opposition to the Suez war in 1956 (perceived – like Hugh Gaitskell’s – as “unpatriotic” by conservative readers) was made possible by his Washington correspondent, Max Freedman, tipping him off to the extent of American hostility.

[Peter] Preston, who took over from Hetherington in 1975, was another American enthusiast. He belonged to that generation of Oxbridge graduates of the early 1960s (my own), hugely influential in the media, who became enamoured of all things American, from hamburgers to movies, from politics to law, from civil rights to anti-war protests. They loved the vigour and dynamism of US society, its classlessness, its openness and warmth. America was everything that the stuffy old Britain of the Macmillan era was not. Preston was a not-so-secret supporter of the idea that Britain should be the 51st state and, having failed, like Hetherington, to convince his staff, he eventually wrote a novel about it instead.

[Current editor and iPad bore Alan] Rusbridger comes from the same stable. His only formative foreign experience was as Robert Maxwell’s man in Washington, as a correspondent of the ill-fated Daily News, and he has done more than any of his predecessors to try to turn the Guardian into Ben Bradlee’s Washington Post….The Guardian’s present hostility to the monarchy, and its apparently radical campaign for a British republic, is principally fuelled by its warm appreciation of the US system of government.

The New York Times and Guardian...You heard it here first!


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