Bank Heists- Leads Needed…

We’re Respectable Gangsters- Not Banksters! BTW, it is a very good film…

Just a few pieces I’ve seen in recent days connected to The Great Bank Bail-Out Swindle (or Swindles – it is a phenomena to be found across the Western World).

There are a lot of reasons to be annoyed (to put it very mildly) with Governments bailing out banks, but I think the one that really grates with me is that when the banks were making shedloads they talked about the state and politicians leaving the market alone. Then the moment it all went arse-over-tit for the banks they wanted the state/taxpayer to bail them out. Furthermore, now that they are doing very well again, they don’t want anyone to interfere. In fact, as Ben Chu points out, they leave people on benefits way behind when it comes to getting cash off the taxpayer:

…think tank Policy Exchange has estimated that £2bn a year is wasted on paying incapacity benefit to the able-bodied. But the financial support given to the financial sector by the state since 2008 amounts to £1 trillion, according to Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England. As Mr King put it last year, ‘never in the field of financial endeavour has so much money been owed by so few to so many’. No: in recent years, the bankers have been by far the bigger drain on the public purse. And while benefits scroungers unfairly appropriate the taxes of workers, their excesses, unlike those of bankers, do not have the capacity to sink the entire economy.

When I see the almost daily media hoo-haa about ‘welfare scroungers’ I just think that a fish rots from the head down…

Of course, as any fan of heist/gangster films knows, the criminals can only operate with the help of a network of accomplices willing to offer alibis and mislead those investigating the crew’s actions. You could call it a conspiracy, but we all know that real life isn’t like that (I’m suddenly reminded of my favourite Letter of the Month from two years ago…).

Or, when the stooges are caught out, they claim they were misled or swear blind they knew nothing about the crime. Or they just try and brazen it out. A bit like Tom Tancredo, who is running for the post of Governor of Colorado. He seems to have got the local Tea Parties on his side and spouts a lot of anti-state rhetoric. However, as Ryan McMaken points out, when he was a member of Congress two years ago, he voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program aka TARP aka ‘the greatest tax payer ripoff in American history’:

Tancredo, who supported the legislation that stole almost a trillion dollars from the taxpayers and handed it over to Goldman Sachs and friends, now lectures the American people on the need for smaller government.

As they say in the movies, we’ve got to nail these punks…and there has to be a weakest link in the whole racket!


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