Storm In A Tea Party Cup?

Stuff on US politics, in particular next week’s Elections, has been piling up at AngloNoel Towers in recent weeks, and I am planning to post it all up in the next few days. If I was a US Citizen or living there I would have posted it up by now…for what? I’ve got to say, a lot of politics over the pond looks like a choice between Bad and Worse. A bit like here really! However, I’ll leave that for another time.

What I am quickly going to go on about is The Hammer Of The Masturbators Christine O’Donnell.

Now you might think the pro-Tea Party candidate for Delaware in the race for the Senate is (i) totally anti-Obama (and thinks he is a foreign-born Marxist-Muslim) and (ii) comes from a politically naive background. However, both of these assumptions are very wrong. For a start off, she is pro-Obama when it comes to the war(s):

There are many things that I have publicly said that I support the Obama administration on.

I support Obama’s decision to send troops to Afghanistan. I support Obama’s decision for drones. I support Obama’s decision to treat the American who is recruiting terrorists on American soil, who is hiding in Yemen, I support the decision for our intelligence agencies to do whatever it takes to take him out.

This sounds the sort of stuff you would expect someone with a Neo-Conservative background to come out with. Perhaps because she is one? To cite Thomas DiLorenzo:

A reporter from The Nation magazine contacted me to ask me some questions about the neocons’ ‘Lincoln Fellows’ program at the Claremont Institute in California.  The reporter called me becaue I’ve written a piece about it on LRC and, more interestingly, Delaware senate candidate Christine O’Donnell is an alum of the program.  (Among the recent winners of the Claremont Institute’s ‘statesman of the year’ award are Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Victor Davis Hanson).

I wonder how many other ‘independent’ TEA Party candidates are also neocon fronts?

I think whatever the result of the Congressional elections next week, and however many so-called ‘Tea Partiers’ make into Congress, I cannot see support on Capitol Hill for the US War Machine dropping off one iota.


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