Ooh me head…

…I’m mulling over a lot in my mind at the moment and I don’t want to drone on at length until I am sure what I want to say. Part of it arises from the last General Election and my sincere wish never to be put in that  situation again. I want to be able to vote for a political party that I can believe in. It will be a while before I can say that about the Lib Dems again! (yes, I still admit I voted for them. I won’t be like the several million people back in the 1980s and early 90s who never admitted they voted Tory between General Elections.)

I am wondering how much of an anarchist I want to be. I have a lot of time for anarchism and anarchists. They are the one political tendency I have real problems finding good arguments to oppose (this goes back 20 years or so, when I used to read Freedom in the University library and mouth ‘Yes, but…’ and quickly ran out of steam when I tried to mouth more). However, although I sometimes call myself a ‘closet anarchist’ I am not yet a total one. I still believe in voting in changing society (or at least as a device to  legitimise change). Anarchism is a great ideal to believe in, but so is Democracy and as things stand at the moment, there are lot worse things out there to confront before proper Anarchists and genuine Democrats have to start slagging each other off bigtime!

So, suffice to say, I am thinking about a lot of serious stuff at the moment. I need to print a fair deal off the Invisible Molotov website and revisit the Center for a Stateless Society one (they are asking for cash at the moment- I wish I could help!). A piece which really addresses the issue of economic democracy and the practicalities of where we go from here can be found at the IWCA website.

So, with all that, plus my Birthday, Xmas and New Year coming up, I cannot guarantee you will get many posts from me, although I hope to put up a few things up around this way to inform and/or amuse you all. I will leave you for the moment, firstly, with the Non-Aggression Principle, as put forward by my Facebook friend Jay Hailey:

No human being has the right — under any circumstances — to initiate force against another human being, nor to advocate, threaten or delegate its initiation.

Secondly, with Robert Dahl from On Democracy (2000: Yale Nota Bene, p,182):

‘..in the older democratic countries some employee-owned firms not only exist but actually flourish. Yet trade union movements, labour parties and workers in general do not seriously advocate an economic order vonsisting predominantly of forms owned and controlled by their employees and workers.’

(Leave it all to Big Business and the Big State instead why don’t we?)

The Flag of Anarcho-Mutualism…

Direct workers’ control of enterprises and the non-aggression principle…now that would be worth getting out of bed to vote for!


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