Mythical Metaphors Time

Considering it is three weeks into 2011, the lack of blogging by me (except for a review of 2011 supplied by WordPress) so far is near criminal. I am planning to get a few posts up over the weekend. No real excuses for the dearth thus far in ’11,  although I have been reading a lot and been pondering a bit. Part of my pondering has been like the Roman God Janus, who looks back and forwards.

Janus: demonstrating her ‘Glad that’s over’ and ‘Blimey, what’s this coming up?’ looks

However, I realise that I need to look forward to the future.  However, I would not be honest if I did not say that part of my procrastination in recent weeks (months?) is to do with not wanting to be a political Sisyphus, going through the same old palaver again and again…

Sisyphus: what is the point of having a good figure if you never have time to show it off to anyone?

Anyway, I will leave further elaboration for my posts this weekend.

Update: I have managed to post  one about the Miner’s Strike. I do have a big post idea inside me, but it needs working on. Hope to post something up early in Feb, as I am working this coming week!

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