Support PR on May 5th- Vote No to AV!

The Alternative Vote has nothing to with Proportional Representation! Why do so many people who should know better claim that it does?

I support PR and have done for years. If you get a certain share of the vote you should get a certain share of the seats in Parliament.  To me that is PR. We are not being offered that on May 5th.

I have heard the argument that AV is a stepping stone to PR, but as they are two fundamentally different electoral systems (AV is much closer to the current First Past The Post than, say, the PR systems used in German and Scottish electoral systems- either of which I would quite happily vote for on May 5th) there is no reason why AV should lead to PR. Indeed, I think  if AV was implemented,  it would be such a fiasco that it would kick any further attempts at ‘electoral reform’ into the proverbial political long grass for a long, long time.

I am at a loss why so many people on the Left and Centre-Left are so keen to support AV. Most of  it seems to boil down to the fact that the vast majority of the Conservative Party (but not all) are opposed to electoral reform. Indeed, there seems to be underlying feeling amongst ‘Yes’ campaigners that this is some belated attempt to rerun the 2010 General Election, with a chance to beat the Tories this time.  However, when you realise that so many people from the ‘Centre’ and ‘Left’ of the political spectrum saw AV as a ‘miserable little compromise’ (to use Nick Clegg’s phrase) but are now defending it,  makes you realise how deep political self-abasement (or, to put it more crudely, the ability to put up with any old crap) runs through the psyche of British ‘progressive’ politics…

I digress! For those of you who support PR, but are wondering why you are supposed to swallow your doubts and vote for AV, I would recommend both NO to AV, YES to PR and Paul Anderson’s AV is not PR.


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