Inspiration on Primrose Hill…

You don’t have to tell me that my posts here have become increasingly sparse in recent months. However, about three weeks ago I really hit a point where I could not see how I could carry on blogging. A real feeling of melancholy came over me. The grey mist lifted later in the day, but I realised that I had to (i) set goals and (ii) give myself time for a blogging sabbatical, when I get away from it all and not feel guilty about not posting stuff up. I found recently that guilt about not blogging was causing a form of writer’s block. It was all becoming too much. I had to sort out an escape plan.

Next day I had a walk around NW London and ended up on Primrose Hill. Seeing the city from the summit and appreciating the sun and blue sky above had a beneficial effect. It all came pretty clear to me what to do! Some inspiration at last!

It’s June on Wednesday. Next month I am going to try and get a lot cleared up relating to the blogging ‘background’ (making notes, finding articles that I want to use in the future and putting them in some coherent order, sorting my books out- again! etc). I might post a few things up, but nothing too heavy.

Hopefully by July all that drudgery will be sorted and I can leave it all until October! I might post the odd thing that catches my eye over the summer, but basically I can have a guilt-free break from blogging and get my mojo back.

After that, I plan to split my ‘political’ life two ways. One way is the ‘pure’ writing. Stuff I find interesting I’ll blog about. Not that much of it will be very contemporary. I hope to write a bit about the past and perhaps what the future should be like- or a future to like.

The other is to get involved in campaigns and movements out there in the ‘real world’. Like thinking about politics, this can burn people out too and if I campaigned hard on everything I have an opinion on, I would soon be of no use to anyone. So there are three main areas I intend to concentrate on:

(i) for next year’s London Elections I intend to get involved with the Green Party again;

(ii) support the Peoples Pledge to try and get a referendum on EU membership (please sign if you agree!); &

(iii) to promote civil liberties support both NO2ID (ID cards are no more, but we still have a Database State) and the Open Rights Group (and the battle for internet freedom has hardly started yet). You may want to sign this.

So there you have it- if in doubt, go up to Primrose Hill on a nice day!


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