Back From Beyond…

…well, Vancouver anyway. Lots of good weather, lots of decent things to do. If you are from there, or around there, or visiting, I would  suggest you give  both The Vancouver International Fringe Festival (happens in September) and The Terminal City Rollergirls (games all year around) your support as much as possible!

I get back to London and it is sweltering. My brain is slowly starting to clank into gear. One thing I have decided since getting back is to give Ken Livingstone my second vote in next year’s London Mayoral contest (after giving my first preference to Green candidate Jenny Jones) simply because he supports a 5% cut in bus and tube fares. The way prices and the cost of living are going up at the moment, anything that makes a dent in inflationary tendencies should be welcomed.

1981: does anyone else remember a flat fare of 2p on all West Midlands bus journeys 30 years back?

Transport for London are saying reducing fare prices will mean less investment in London’s transport network. However, what does ‘investment’ mean in practice? A load of  corporations getting taxpayers money hand over fist and a lot of the tube system being closed down at weekends to allow ‘essential engineering work’ for ‘improvements’. In my experience, such ‘improvements’ have to be further ‘improved’ before not too long at further expense. (Incidentally, it always makes me smile whenever I see Thames Water signs in a seriously dug-up London street making a big deal about all the ‘Victorian water mains’ they are having to change. The way most big business-owned ‘public’ utilities work this days, they’ll have to change the pipes a fair while before- to use their monarchical references- Charles III/ William V succeeds the current head of state.)

So Ken it is (unless, of course, it is a Green landslide on the first ballot…) He has many faults, but the thought of 4 more years of London having a Mayor who is straight out The Drones Club from PG Wodehouse’s novels is all too much for me!


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