Happy Christmas & a quick announcement!


My lust for the Precious drew me to Mordor and all I got was this lousy hat!

2012 I will get back into blogging. I should be getting a new (and hopefully better) computer in the second half of Jan. The one I have now came into a world before Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BBC iPlayer etc really existed. The new one that I am getting will have a memory that can cope with the age we are in. In the meantime I will decide what I want to do with my blog. Blogging-wise I lost my way a fair bit in 2011 (and in hindsight it started to go awry in the summer of 2010) but that was largely as I didn’t really know where I was going. I now have some time to recuperate and decide the direction I want to go. I might even find a back on an envelope to scribble a ‘social media strategy’ on!

Anyway, enough from me for the moment. Have a great Festive Saeaon, best wishes for 2012 and see you again soonish!


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  1. Good to see you back. Happy new year. x

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