Media Musings

So it looks like we are going to get The News of the World back   The Sun On Sunday.  There has been talk of it going live on April 29th, but we shall see. As the above graphic hints at (courtesy of Glenn Beck), I think The Sun, if it is sold, will end up being bought by some of Mr. Murdoch’s Chinese Communist Party cronies (quite possibly they will  give it a strapline of ‘The People’s Daily’).

Meanwhile two predictions, one new, the other an oldie. The oldie is that The Guardian and The New York Times will merge in the next few years, making one big North Atlantic Anglosphere Liberal behemoth. The other is that The Observer will become part of  Alexander and Evgeny Lebedev’s Indie/Evening Standard stable, quite possibly at the same time as  the The New York Guardian Times appears. If The Observer’s late great Music, Sport and Women’s Monthly magazines (there is only the Food Monthly left, and that is only really for  people who cannot get enough of celebrity chefs)  were to be brought back, that would be good news indeed…


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