Warmongers agogo!

Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  & Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu aka The Dangerous Brothers

Has anyone suggested that this pair get into a boxing ring and go hell for leather at each other? It would be lot more fun and a hell of a lot more safer than lobbing missiles in each other’s directions across the Middle East.

Two things I never  understand about the whole situation (i) Iran has loads of oil-why does it need nuclear power? and (ii) it is the biggest open secret in international politics that Israel has 200+ nuclear weapons. If that lot  cannot deter an Iranian nuclear attack what will?



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  1. (i) Only a person stewed in liberal-democratic-unthink could ask this question. The times are good, there’s money in the bank, now is precisely the time to prepare for when the oil inevitably runs out and times become harder. Just because our politicians never act like this does not mean that nationalist, normal politicians and societies do not exist.

    (ii) Exactly. And even without Israel’s nukes or its American and British slaves it would dominate its Muslim neighbours militarily. Just one reason, aside from moral concerns, why Ahmedinajad never wanted a war.

    Get blogging again.

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