Cunning Plan Thwarted…


I had planned to get on with my new (new-ish, as in I’ve had it for a while but done next to nothing with it) blog tonight. The plan was to add lots of links from old blogs, deleting a few and adding some more. However, I quickly realised…that is a lot of links to copy and sort out. I spent a fair while trying to import the links and export them out, but despite following the on-screen instructions, nothing seemed to work easily or quickly.

Then the proverbial penny dropped. I should stay with my AngloNoelNatter blog. I could repeat what I said in my still-born attempt at Blogging Year Zero, in the form of ‘Or Just Another Country’, about what has happened and where I plan to go blogging-wise, but it would be a lot easier for you to just click on the link. There’s not that much to read! Suffice to say, in the dog days of summer I will start trying to blog again. I just need a good holiday and recharge my batteries then begin once more.

So I now face a (relatively) easy evening of sorting my links out. If you think I have the sort of blog you want to be associated with, and you can’t see your blog/website up there, please get in touch and if there is some sort of mutual admiration/appreciation, you’ll be up there on my lists!

Remember, despite the odd rant, I don’t bite, unless that is your thing…

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