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Oh, if only there were more honest types like this…

About 25 years back there was a newspaper called ‘7 Days.’ It was a journal of the Communist Party of Great Britain. It had started publishing in the aftermath of the big, and what turned out to be terminal, split in the CPGB of 1985-6, which saw  supporters of its daily newspaper The Morning Star  expelled from the Party (they are now to be found in the Communist Party of Britain, formed in 1988). Without the Star, the CPGB needed a regular publication (not counting Marxism Today, which apart from being monthly, was going through its transition from supposedly analysing ‘Thatcherite hegemony’ to becoming a leading outpost for propagating it), so ‘7 Days’ was born.

It was available in my local library and I used to have a gander through it. To be honest, I don’t remember much of the content (although I do remember a reference to the ‘1956 Hungarian counter-revolution’, which is not the sort of phrase you expect from a supposedly ‘anti-Stalinist’ publication) but one letter sticks in my mind, written by a female CPGB member. She had been at some ‘Leftie’ meeting or other trying to sell copies of the paper alongside most of the other proverbial 57 varieties of British Marxism with copies of  their publications. She then wrote that trying to distinguish herself and her paper from the other publications on offer, she started bawling the phrase  ‘7 Days- the socialist paper without all the answers!’ Apparently this helped sell more copies of her paper than any of her many rivals.

Now, quarter of a century on, it would take someone with a lot of nerve, and/or no self-awareness, to try and claim that their avowedly socialist newspaper or political organisation has all the answers. Or indeed any of them. However, there still seems a fair few people out there who are fearless and/or lack self-awareness despite ‘The Left’ (for want of a better quick catch-all term) being not so much in a hole as doing another round of sight-seeing through the Seven Circles of Hell. However, despite going from screw-up to screw-up (and a lot of Messiah-following and Baldrick-type cunning plans) much of ‘The Left’ seems to be having a bloody good go at confirming Trotsky’s belief that ‘All through history, mind limps after reality.


Uncle Junior Soprano: never a member of the SWP’s Central Committee…

I’m 44 at the end of this year, and it seems much of ‘The Left’ in Britain seems to have learnt nothing since I was a fresh-faced teenager flicking through ‘7 Days’. I don’t want to spend the rest of my days being some sort of ‘Stupid Git Whisperer’.  Now Winter is almost upon us (today is the last day of that near-constant provocation to the Trades Description Act, ‘British Summer Time’) I have found myself a project for the dark nights ahead.

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